Free Neighbors Helping Neighbors Workshop!! 9/22/12

Are you asking yourself these kinds of questions?

  • Should I keep paying my mortgage?
  • Can my lender come after me if I walk away from my home?
  • What happens to my credit if I do a short sale or foreclosure?
  • Why won’t my lender modify my mortgage?
  • Are there tax consequences if I modify my loan, do a short sale, or the bank takes my house?

Are you a homeowner with an “underwater” mortgage, and confused on what to do?  Come join our panel of experts to hear clear, reliable information and solutions that will help you make decisions on how to get out of your problem and back on the road to long-term financial stability and security.

Panel members include a representative of the Keep Your Home California Program, a certified HUD counselor, loan modification expert, a realtor experienced in short sales, a mortgage professional and a real estate attorney.  Each of the panel members will present a brief summary of their area of expertise, followed by a question and answer session between the panel and workshop attendees.

The workshop is sponsored by the Neighbors Helping Neighbors organization, and hosted by the Concord Salvation Army.  Location: 3950 Clayton  Road, Concord, California.  Time:  10 a.m. to 12 noon.  Come join us and take your first step into a new, brighter future.