Offering Expert Guidance

Whatever stage of business, my clients find that having a trusted legal advisor is an invaluable resource that provides peace of mind.  Businesses continually change. The laws evolve, employees come and go, demand ebbs and flows. As a business lawyer, I help my clients gracefully deal with these inevitable changes.

My legal services include guiding business owners every step of the way. To get up and running, I help new owners select the right type of business entity, and analyze the risks involved. Focus then turns to providing an “operating manual” that shows the client how to respond quickly and effectively when legal problems arise.

Proactive business planning is far preferable to reactive management, and far less costly in the long run.  As a litigator for many years, I have a deep understanding about how legal protection breaks down over time.  If your company has vulnerable areas, I am constantly on the alert for ways to fine tune your legal instruments so that your exposure will be less likely to break down. I do this by regularly reviewing and adjusting your contracts, leases and other legal instruments. That way, problems that arise are less like a tsunami and more like a ripple on a smooth pond.

Business legal  services include:

  • Business Entity Selection
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Succession Planning & Implementation
  • Business “Buy-Sell” Agreements
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Professional Corporations
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Product Development